Hardcore Bitch with a Big City Attitude

10 August
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I think and analyze things too much,I love theatre, I love shoes, I laugh a lot, I try to keep my distance from boys but always seem to find myself in love with one,I have the patience of jobe most of the time,I love movies, I love music, My parents kick ass but they still think I am young I think, my hair used to keep getting shorter everytime I went to the hairdresser but now it's long, My hairdresser is one of my favorite people in the world and if I could get my hair done everyday I would, my toenails are always painted but I can't ever get my nails painted myself cause I am not ambidextrous(I think that's the right word), I am a strong christian,I like to be alone sometimes,I don't have a roommate and I love it, I can't sleep without a stuffed animal or a person in the bed with me, I love to snuggle, I love to sit in people's laps but I feel I am too big to do it most of the time,I spend hours at a time on the internet, I love talking on the phone cause I love to hear people's voices, I have always wanted to be a supermodel but have never been nearly as tall or nearly as pretty,I'd love to be on Broadway, Cabaret is my dream show,I want to be a psychologist, I want to sing in a band, I went to Alcatraz, I want my nostril pierced, Will has signed my breast,I hardly ever sit down without crossing my legs,I like to know what's going on but always seem to be the last to know,I hardly ever call people by their normal names I usually come up with a nickname or add something to their existing name, I hate jealous girlfriends, most of my friends are guys but the girls I have are my friends for life, I flirt a lot,I want to live in New York city and Seattle, My name means Warrior Woman cause I was born three months early and not expected to live, I love to write it is how I express myself, I used to live in England and was born in London, My mom is my best friend, Honesty is the most important thing in life along with faith,I collect fairies and yoda from star wars, I hate people who try to be hardasses, I am full of emotion, I absolutely love the powerpuff girls, I don't like girls who try to get in musician's pants just cause they are musicians,i spend my life surrounded by musicians, I love super Wal-Mart, Anything with glitter or feathers attracts me, I love colored eye liner,I love clothes, I change my style daily but never who I am, and mostly I am just Kelli..