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Hardcore Bitch with a Big City Attitude [entries|friends|calendar]
Hardcore Bitch with a Big City Attitude

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[03 Dec 2007|05:44pm]
[ mood | angry ]

I've basically just been told that I can't come home for Christmas if I don't take out my nostril stud... My dad is that ridiculous about it and is not going to allow me to be in his house with it...

No one gives a shit that it's important to me.. that I've hated my face my entire life because of my nose.. that I'm FINALLY happy with my nose since I did it.. No one gives a shit about my sacrifice.. I should sacrifice for them cause they're my parents and they've supported me my whole life.. if I loved them, I'd do it... well fuck, if they loved me, they'd accept me... nostril stud or not...

So... I take it out and hate him... but get to keep living my life being allowed in the family... and I get to see you guys for Christmas..

Or, I don't take it out.. get kicked out of my family... and have to stay here for Christmas by myself..


Life is GREAT

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[23 Dec 2004|10:39pm]
i just did another friends list cut.. almost everybody is still on there.. if you aren't.. it's cause I don't read your journal anymore or it isn't a journal anymore.. but one of you.. needs to learn to stop runnin your mouth... and maybe you'd still have my friendship...

[09 Jul 2004|01:13am]
Just did a little bit of cleaning on my friends list.. Most of you that matter and that I talk to are still on here.. If I deleted you and you feel it was by accident, let me know. But for the most part.. I deleted people I didn't read, didn't hear from or just plain didn't trust anymore..

I watch what I say and to who.. I trust only a few people these days...

Sorry if you're pissed or whatever.. respect my goddamn personal space!!!!
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[10 Dec 2003|07:04pm]
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I just made a funny! [23 Jun 2003|02:56am]
[ mood | bitchy ]

I just said something so funny I laughed out loud at MYSELF.. and Casey laughed too.. we were talking about stupid girls that lust after the boys and how it makes us laugh..It's so stupid how they don't care about the music or the boys, they just think they're hot.. one girl even said "i pointed out all the hot boys as soon as we got there" and I was like "dude i'm a brat" and then i was like "what's funny is i may be a brat.. but hell.. i GET daily phone calls and love from the boys they're lusting after a five second chance at a phone call from! They're my best friends" and she started laughin and she goes "well where do I fit in all of this" and i said "you're the one they like to stay with.. and.. you can hang." and she was like "rock on" and i said "Those girls can't hang.. they just want what's HANGING from the crotch of their pants" She laughed out loud.. I laughed out loud.. and we're still laughing cause despite the hilarity of it all, it's mostly true.. haha

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[11 Jun 2003|03:23pm]
HUGE update coming soon.. soo much to talk about.. hehe...
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[10 Feb 2003|07:24am]
[ mood | loved ]

How can you NOT love a guy that says things as cute as this:

My away message was from that book "Guess How Much I Love You".. and it said:"the little nutbrown hare said to the big nutbrown hare "i love you to the moon" and the big nutbrown hare said "that's really far. but i love you to the moon... and back" (guess how much I love you)

so Brian sees it and says "ha to the moon and back and then to the moon again! so yay i won! Night Baby"

How wonderful is this boy?! :)

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Why must we all act so hateful!! [10 Feb 2003|06:26am]
[ mood | enraged ]

ok.. so.. i hate the memphis scene when they get "lippy".. I swear.. Back in October, Tomorrows Rescue was rumored to have called Drought Flood.. none of them remember it and they're like we don't have any bad feelings towards them at all.. But yet.. one of the Drought members decided to take it to the next level.. he preceeds to insult them immensely to me.. and in turn insult me when i had a comment back.. he insulted my intelligence level telling me that "maybe one day it'll all make sense to you when you can understand it" and "the truth hurts why don't you put a band-aid on it and move on". He called Tomorrows Rescue self righteous and that they deserved everything they ever got and that they weren't about the music.. he said "that is the beauty of self rightous tours.no one wins.especially if you curse yourself by shunning bands you know nothing about because jake said they are evil. the truth hurts and it should.sorry,see too many people use music for the wrong reason. If you defend your friends,why do you condone their fuck up? why? you know it happened as well as i, be real" so then.. Brian's like, let me talk to him, try to clear this up.. he preceeds to tear into Brian from the moment he said hello and threaten him to high heavens.. talking about "I'll see you before you see me. you pussy.before you go public next time,know who you are dealing with trigger. send me a demo,id love to hear. Name your price SUPERSTAR.go be a coward and tell the ranch flood is coming to a drought near you"

Ok WHOA!! He's totally stepped over the line here.. this is beyond being like "oh i don't like those guys, they insulted us" this is like retarded.. he's threatening brian for no fuckin reason.. Brian's like "i can hold my own kel, i'm a big boy" well shit! I know that but I still don't want him to fight you at the daisy show..I don't want Brian to be touched..I don't want him to lay a finger on Brian.. I'll feel like it's my fault cause I let Brian have the screen name to talk to him.. aah... i'm so furious right now I could literally just run screaming!!! I can't believe this guy's audacity.. this is so rediculous.. over one comment "supposedly heard" way back in October.. dude.. GET A LIFE AND GROW UP.. people say things everyday... move on..

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forgot one thing... [08 Feb 2003|05:59am]
For those that have Yahoo Messenger:
I just got a Yahoo ID tonight.. and the only friend i have on my list is Brian.. sooo.. If you have it, and feel so inclined to give me your screen name, i could add ya.. I'm not gonna be on it much, but I do have it.. My name is MissVelmaKelli
Like Velma Kelly from Chicago but spelled with an "I" like me.. hehe.. So yea.. leave me comments yo!
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Here I am, it's in my hands, and I'll savor every moment of this [08 Feb 2003|05:39am]
[ mood | content ]

wow.. I just talked to Brian on the phone for six hours tonight.. (Prepaid phone cards with TONS of minutes.. haha)I didn't feel well cause I'm still sick and my head was fuckin with me.. So I stayed in.. Talked to Brian for like an hour or two online and decided I needed to get in bed, but didn't want to leave him.. So I decided I was gonna call him.. So I called him at eleven fifteen and it was five thirty when we got off.. I'm sooo happy right now.. It was the best conversation and we never run out of things to say.. ever...

I am really sad though.. Rory IMed me early this week and was like "i'm comin to town this weekend" and left.. So I was so excited, i haven't seen Rory in over a year since he left and went to Savannah.. So while I'm talkin to Brian at like four am, my phone beeps, but i didn't answer it.. So it's Fred being like "Rory and Brennan are here if you wanna see them you have to come now, they're leaving in thirty minutes" OK WHY THE HELL did you not call me earlier at a normal time and say "kelli, i'm in town, wanna see ya" cause if they'd have done that i would have been like "I'll be there in two minutes" but they wait til four am and have Fred call me to say be here now.. Doesn't work like that! So now i'm sad.. I wanted to see Rory and it would have been nice but weird to see Brennan..

But oh well.. all that matters is that I got to talk to my babycakes on the phone.. I got to hear his voice, it had been too long without hearing him.. Six hours of Brian's voice.. I'm sooo fuckin happy right now..

Regardless of the fact I look horrendous and hadn't slept in over 48 hours.. and he was kinda cracked out as well and Travis had his finger in the way.. I had to post this pic again til i get the better ones of me and him back.. So, here's the fantabulously adorable babycakes again! hehe

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is that you Kelli are you awake?? [06 Feb 2003|02:58pm]
[ mood | groggy ]

man I slept a lot last night.. I went to be at nine pm, woke up at 1 am from a bad dream kinda freaked out.. got on here to see if Brian was on, he wasn't.. So, I got back in bed, tossed and turned til about 4am.. Got up, took an Ambien and then I was out, I just woke up (2:30pm) and that's cause I had to.. I gotta go get my project uplift kids today, it's my little boy's birthday.. anyway... not much goin on cause I'm sick and sleepin and whining a lot.. haha.. ooh.. here's a pic of my dog for you to look at.. we have five dogs, 4 german shepherds and a Lab but this one here is MINE.. He's awesome.. his name is Bull( we used to have another one named Bear, like the stock market, bull and the bear) so we just call him Bully.. Don't ya just wanna hug him and squeeze him!!! comment and tell me how great he is! haha..

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[05 Feb 2003|01:39pm]
[ mood | nauseated ]

oh my god i'm gonna die.. i feel absolutely horrible.. I have a test in an hour.. and another one tomorrow.. Do I have a clue what's going on for either of them, not so much.. I've been studying but I feel so shitty I can't concentrate or comprehend any of it.. I don't even know if I'm gonna make it to this one today alive, or make it back from it.. I feel so gross I can't even describe it.. I just wanna crawl in bed and not come out til the 27th of February.. That's when I'm goin to see Brian.. If all goes as planned.. Speaking of going as planned, I have no idea what's to come of the future with him.. It's all just so up in the air.. I mean.. I'm happy doing what I'm doing with him, I love him... But it kinda sucks sometimes just having no idea what will come of tomorrow... Everything in me just wants to be like "yea, that's my boyfriend, isn't he grand" But, we/he aren't/isn't ready for that yet.. And I understand that and our/his reasons.. But it sucks too.. Cause everytime I talk to him or look at him, I want to be with him... I scare myself actually.. I haven't felt like this about somebody in a long time, if even ever.. And it's weird.. ah, the joys of love.. such is life..

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BLAH. [04 Feb 2003|02:57am]
[ mood | gloomy ]

This is going to be a whiny butt entry.. I don't care..

I don't feel good.. I want Brian.. :( I want him to hold me so I can go to sleep..
I want him to be home so I can talk to him. I have a hard time sleeping without talking to him before going to bed.. Cause since we met, i can count on two hands the times we haven't talked.. We always talked everyday and always before bed.. So i'm used to it.. I told him last night to click his heels and say "there's no place like Kelli's" and come over.. it didn't work.. :( Babycakes, get online.. :(

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Like sand thru the hour glass, these are the days of our lives... [03 Feb 2003|07:00pm]
[ mood | groggy ]

Blah.. today was just a blah day.. I'm so tired and out of it.. I have the HUGEST test tomorrow that I have absolutely no idea how to study for cause I don't understand any of it and I just realized it... HELP!!

I just called Brian.. he's at Melissa's house.. hmmm.. scared about that! haha...
I talked to him for five hours yesterday.. two on the phone and three on the computer.. he's the cutest boy in the world! We never run out of things to say! I was just talkin away... We changed his name last night cause we though that Fantabulous was a little fruity.. so.. I am still Cupcake and he is now Babycakes.. we're just two little cakes, chillin.. haha.. God I'm a nerd.. When i said he was in the top five kissers, he wasn't happy with that and demanded a recount.. I did a recount twice and have moved him to number one.. Because. he was really drunk on Friday and his skills were low, and it still made me melt into the floor.. sooo.. when he's not drunk, if it's better than that.. WHOA!! haha... I can't wait to see him again.. but i'm sad.. cause if I go to Dallas, i can't stay with him.. and Duane's mom is weird about boys and girls sleeping in the bed together.. so I'll have to be in the same town as him. knowing he's right down the street but not have him to snuggle with.. That just makes me frown.. :( Maybe we can bribe Daniel into bringing him here.. haha...

In case any of you are wondering, i've temporarily totatlly forgotten the password for my AIM name Mademoisellekel. the password I thought it was, just isn't right.. soo.. i'm hoping they'll e-mail it to me, or i'm shit out of luck.. aaah.. I love that name.. anyway... so i'll be on the other AIM name of Crazydkel til I figure things out...

I'm gonna go try to study and then hopefully talk to Brian later... love and hugs everybody..
Don't forget to breathe..

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You are so off the team! [31 Jan 2003|10:10am]
[ mood | exhausted ]

I just had to steal that from David.. He says that all the time and it cracks me up.. and with the way that i'm feeling this morning, SOMEBODY NEEDS to be off the team for making me feel this shitty and sick!! haha..

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE!!!! HE'S 22 TODAY!!! If I were home and knew there weren't so many psychos that have gotten his address by this point, I might have sent him a card.. He's probably not even home now anyway, he's probably off shakin it somewhere for his adoring public, just as i'm not in Memphis either.. But as we all know, I'm at college, not off shakin it for adoring fans.. but we get the idea.. haha..

I feel like shhhiiiittt this morning, I haven't slept in weeks, I think I'm just about close to hitting rock bottom..This is not good cause i've already been feeling bad and I can't miss anymore class!!

My babies, The Tomorrows Rescue boys, are in Nashville tonight, Shreveport tomorrow night and then back to Dallas.. yay, home... I'm sure they'll all crash when they get home.. They said if Christine and Obi were serious, they'd love to come back in the spring and play again.. They had a blast at 320.. yay, boys back again would be awesome.. I miss them soo much.. When they left, after being here for five days, my house was so quiet, i was almost depressed without them.. haha..

So I think Lisa wrote a comment and told me she didn't hate me and all.. Which was really nice of her, she totally didn't have to do that, and I'm so glad she doesn't hate me.. She said it'd be wrong to hate someone she didn't know, but I was just afraid cause most girls are so petty and stupid about things like that .. Soo.. with that being said.. Maybe I can re-meet her soon and it'll be all good... :)

I'm going to get outta here.. I'll be back tomorrow..
I love everybody..

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Every body give a warm welcome... [30 Jan 2003|04:31pm]
I'd like to formally welcome my newest IRL(in real life) friend to the world that is called my livejournal.. I must warn him that it may not be a pretty place at times, but I am happy to share my life with him.. Yes, I like him that much.. haha.. So.. without further commentary, I would like to offer pacorock a "room in the inn" haha... Welcome David Evans, I love ya to death...
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[30 Jan 2003|05:14am]
Ceddrick Mack's picture, i don't know who the girl is, the picture was donated for the article.. we lost him on January 23,2003.. (read article in post below)

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[30 Jan 2003|04:43am]
I know most of you, if not all of you, didn't know Ceddrick at all.. However, I ask if you have some time, you read this article. It will give you an idea of what a wonderful person he truly was.. This article has brought people that don't even go to Auburn to tears, it's well written and gives an idea of what Ceddrick was to us. However, it only really scratches the surface of what it was truly like to know a person like Ceddrick Mack.. Auburn University will never be the same.. We are forever touched by his presence..

Ceddrick Mack. A life, A love, A lossCollapse )
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"Women might be able to fake orgasms, but men can fake whole relationships" (Sharon Stone) [30 Jan 2003|12:48am]
[ mood | nerdy ]

I thought that quote was really funny.. so i had to make it my subject line... hehe..

Brian totally called me cupcake today.. hehe.. I smiled all day.. He's one of the most fatabulously adorable boys in the world.. I just wanna squeeze him! hehe..

I think I might go with David to Enterprise next weekend.. That is if I want to go to Pensacola too.. FINAW(his band,forever's not a wish) is playin in Enterprise and then in Pensacola.. I may go along for the ride.. why the hell not.. We all know I'm a musician's kid, I'll go wherever.. hehe.. As long as they're home on Sunday so I can make it to class on Monday, I might as well go.. It'll be fun..

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[28 Jan 2003|08:46pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

Today was kind of a "low" day.. I got a migraine last night after I got off the phone with Brian(no connection between him and the headache, just happened in that sequence.haha).. I feel really shitty cause I was heinous to him last night.. He didn't say he missed me too and I got my feelings hurt so then I was evil.. Hope he realizes that I'm not really mad.. He is just a boy, that was in a car full of other boys, i guess I don't blame him for not say he missed me too.. The migraine lasted from then(eleven pm) until early this morning, it drove me mad!

I got really upset about Ceddrick today.. It really hit me that he was dead and that I'd not longer see him walking down the concourse or read about his accomplishments.. Such a wonderful person with the whole world literally at his fingertips and his life was taken.. Why does God do that? Why does he take people have so much going for them? I didn't get to go to the funeral and I'm upset about it.. The school took three bus loads of people and the whole communications department shut down to remember him.. He was such an amazing person.. I wish I just had a picture of him..

I ordered Chinese food tonight, lets just talk about how HOT the delivery guy was! I almost invited him to stay with the food! ok.. so I didn't really do that, it didn't even cross my mind cause ALAS, I'm still swimming in the world of Brian Allen Hoover! Can't choose where my heart is.. But homeboy's phone number is still on my caller ID from where he called to confirm the address if there are any takers! haha..

I'm gonna go watch the Real World and The Osbournes.. I hope the boys are safe in St Louis getting ready for their show.. And maybe I'll hear from that little guitarist I love so much tonight.. He'll be home Sunday kelli, you can sort it out then!

I love all of you

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